[EAAZI] Narrow Focus Preserves Jewish Privilege

The narrow Israel focus shown

draws attention away from subversion of American politics, law, and culture by Israel advocates and the organized Jewish community.

Jewish Zionist political prosecutions in the USA have ruined the lives of thousands of good and honest US citizens or residents: Free Detainees.Org.

Until activists begin demanding the identification of the IDF as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist Entity (SDGTE), Israel advocacy groups, the organized Jewish community and their covert agents operating with the US government will be able to persecute, prosecute and imprison practically anyone that the Zionist plutocracy and intelligentsia do not like: Freeing Innocent Muslims, Prosecuting Zionist Criminals.

Jewish operatives within the pro-Palestinian movement seem to be running a covert (and in some cases unconscious) effort both

  • to preserve Jewish power and privilege in the USA and also
  • to cover up Jewish Zionist crimes against Americans

by directing criticism of  Zionism and of the State of Israel away from the harm caused by seditious conspiracies crossing the boundary between governmental and non-governmental organizations.



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