In re: If Only the Uighurs Were Buddhist and China Was Israel

I commented on Mona Eltahawy’s article entitled If Only the Uighurs Were Buddhist and China Was Israel:

One Arab Islamic ideological current cares immensely about Muslims oppressed by non-Muslims.

From :

Arab Jihadism was not founded by Bin-Ladin, who was basically the money guy/fundraiser, but by the Palestinian Abdullah Azzam and the Egyptian Kamil al-Sananiri. Azzam modeled his ideology on a somewhat mistaken understanding of Zionist history and politics with contributions from Sananiri’s revision of Qutbism. The key point is a modernist reinterpretation of individual and collective obligation with regard to Jihad. Azzam claimed Sheikh Abdul-Aziz bin Baz approved Azzam’s fatwa, but bin Baz never signed it.

In essence Azzam and Sananiri gave up on Qutb’s ideas about overthrowing Muslim governments that were insufficiently Islamic and argued that every individual Muslim had an obligation to undertake personal jihad on behalf of oppressed Muslims everywhere, whether they are Palestinian, Afghan, Kosovar, Bosnian, Thai, Filipino, Chechen or whatever.

Because Arab Jihadis had no interest in overthrowing “Muslim” governments and because there was considerable overlap of their program with that of the US government and even of the Neocons, they worked in an essentially frictionless environment of International Islamic Organizations mostly headquartered In Hijaz while they traveled effortlessly throughout the world from Peshawar to Hijaz, and thence to the USA (especially Boston). While the US and Saudi governments mostly ignored them, the Afghan Mujahidin were at best uninterested in Arab jihadi help and generally considered Azzam’s group to be more trouble than it was worth.

The Taliban Organization, which succeeded the Mujahidin was more open to collaboration with Arab Jihadis even though Taliban ideology is probably closer to an anti-modernist Qutbism than to Arab Jihadism.

In general Azzam rejected terrorist attacks on civilians and had reservations with regard to the ideas of people like Taqi Usmani about offensive Jihad, which is — to be frank — is far less radical a concept than the Bushite/Neocon policy of aggressive preventive war.

Both Sananiri and Azzam were killed and left Bin-Ladin as the titular leader of the very informally or barely organized Arab Jihadi movement.

Bin-Ladin was less of a purist and seems gradually thanks to his power of the purse to have steered the “organization” in a new direction especially when he and his colleagues became more aware of American views of legitimate military targets during the NATO intervention in Bosnia.

Are Azzam, Sananiri and Bin-Ladin heretics? Only God knows for sure, but it is much easier to make the charge of heresy against Zionism from the standpoint of traditional Judaism, for I have a long list of late 19th and early 20th century Orthodox Rabbis who put Zionists in the category of the worst heretics.

In any case we can be quite certain

  • that Arab Jihadism is more of a political than a religious movement and
  • that the ideology clearly developed primarily as a response to Zionist criminality and genocidalism in Stolen and Occupied Palestine.

No one should be particularly surprised that members of Abdullah Azzam’s family in Gaza are strong supporters of Hamas even though Hamas’ ideology is probably best characterized as realist Qutbism.

I also responded on Mona’s blog to the usual Zionist trolls that replied to my comment.


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