In re: Who, in God’s name, could kill kids walking to school?

In response to Charles Senott’s article entitled Who, in God’s name, could kill kids walking to school?, I wrote

Who, in God’s name, could kill kids walking to school?

Our allies the Israeli Zionists do it quite frequently, and to tell the truth the USA has been killing tremendous numbers of children at least since the the GHW Bush administration.

An objective reading of US military and covert operations since the Spanish American War indicates that the US government would not hesitate to blow up school children if the operation could be set up to discredit our enemy du jour.

I just went through the exercise with my wife, who is a correspondent for a Gulf English language newspaper, to identify one clear and unequivocal piece of evidence to tie Usama bin Ladin (UBL) to any of the terrorist acts of which he has been accused.

I found bupkis. (Collision: Jewish-Zionist, Arab-Islamic Transnational Politics summarizes my effort.)

Thus, the US effectively incinerated Afghanistan with no proof of UBL culpability.

In fact, had the USA been able to show genuine evidence, the Taliban might eventually have turned him over to the US despite his hero status because the Taliban really did not owe him anything.

After Afghanistan, the USA incinerated Iraq, allowed the IDF to pound Lebanon, sanctioned Sudan, waged a proxy war in Somalia, drone-attacked hundreds of civilians (including children) in Pakistan, and gave the IDF license to rampage through Gaza.

If we accept the premise of Taliban culpability, I think we could forgive Afghans for thinking the USA might be waging a war of slow-speed extermination against Muslims and for treating anyone taking gifts from Americans as traitors deserving death.

Charles, I have chatted with you (at a HAAA conference) about the nonsense Bill Kristol spewed to Harvard undergrads. I know that you are much better than this column. It is just a matter of refusing to give into the Pavlovian conditioning to which all Americans are subjected.

Before we damn the Taliban with questions that presume guilt, we US citizens should be asking ourselves:

How could the US government kill kids walking to school — over and over again like some serial spree killer?

BTW, I am curious. What do the Goodriches think of UBL and did they discuss their opinion with the local people? UBL is probably a hero and saint to many Afghans.


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