In re: [Stephen Walt] The Cairo speech (round two)

I made the following comments on Stephen Walt’s article entitled The Cairo speech (round two):

Issues with Obama’s Speech:

Summary: Holocaust and Ashkenazi Genocidalism

Now that we have more access to Russian, Polish, and Soviet archives, any discussion of the Holocaust is completely inappropriate unless contextualized by the history of ethnic Ashkenazi financial crimes, sabotage, radical violence, targeted assassinations, mass murder, ethnic cleansing, and genocide.

Forbes: Zionist ethnonational Financial Warfare

Transnational Zionist political economic oligarchs skim a good chuck of that subsidy described above into their pockets in addition to what they suck more directly out of the US economy.

These oligarchs like Saban, Bronfman, Adelson, the Krafts, Peretz, etc. are Netanyahu’s real employers.

If Obama wants to change Israeli behavior. He need only add the IDF to the list of terrorist organizations on the basis of the Gaza rampage — there is more than enough documentation to do so.

Then the US government could start arresting the oligarchs for aiding and abetting Zionist terrorism. Seizing all the oligarch’s assets and all the assets of Israel advocacy organizations would defang the Israel Lobby.

I do not understand why ordinary progressive Jews, who do not have multiple millions of dollars in the bank run interference for the oligarchs, who view ordinary Jews as canon fodder to defend plutocratic revenue streams.

Why Not Remove Zionist Interlopers?

What is sauce for the goose is gravy for the gander.

Because Neocons acting as a Jewish Zionist special interest formulated policies that forced millions to become refugees, an even handed US foreign policy must treat the removal of criminal Zionist conglomeration from the ME as a completely valid option that would stabilize the ME and benefit US interests.

Enemies on the Other Side?:

Obama is not going to make much progress with the Muslim world until he slaps the Jewish Zionist world down really hard.

David Shasha, who is Director of the Center for Sephardic Heritage in Brooklyn, N.Y, recently distributed a movie review, which unlike Obama in Cairo focused on the real problem of the dangerous Jewish psychological dynamic (including yes, racism) that has perverted the US process of developing foreign policy:

What Adam Sandler has done [in You Don’t Mess with the Zohan] – wittingly or unwittingly – is to bring together Jewish paranoia and Jewish power by dwelling on the symbolic meaning of the sexual act and the way in which the orgasm can serve as a unifying marker of a new-found Jewish assertiveness and aggression that is literally embodied in the Zohan whose dual nature brings together the power of the phallic in both sexual and military terms.

[To read the entire review, click here.]

Haskalah, Anusim, Haskoloh:

Haskalah is the Hebrew word for enlightenment.

In Modern Israeli Hebrew it usually refers to the 18th European Enlightenment.

In the Yiddish context (I use Haskoloh) it refers to a religious reform movement that tried to bring ideas from the German Reform of Moses Mendelssohn to Eastern Europe.

The historic sequence goes as follows:

Hassidim challenge the traditional Rabbinic authorities

Misnagdim oppose the Hassidim.

Maskilim develop a program of religious reform only to be opposed by an alliance of Hassidim and Misnagdim.

After the Maskilim, early fraydenker begin to challenge Jewish religion in the name of secularism.

Anusim are forced converts and belong to a different time period.

Normally the Turkish doenme community is not considered to be descendants of forced converts.

I do not know of comparable movements in Islam, but I do consider Isaac Breuer and Tariq Ramadam to play similar roles in Judaism and Islam. See Harvard Sharia/Apostasy Debate.

Few Jews Are Bigots?:

Are you kidding? Jewish religious leaders had already created a systematic ideology of ethnoreligious racism by the end of the 18th century in anticipation of most European racist thinking. The chief work of this ideology is the Tanya, which is a popular Lubavitcher text, but it is not hard to find similar thinking among a large segment of Jews from the 19th century until the present.

See Gentiles Less Human Than Jews?

I Hate Reducing Scholarship/Opinion to Ethnicity:

I know that the ethnic and religious heritage of scholars like Joseph Scaliger and Jacob Bernays influenced their work: Jewish, Christian and Palestinian Holidays.

Yet their oeuvres are still valuable, and by understanding their flaws, we can do better.

Siculo Arabi is a linguistics text on a bookshelf above my desk while Thors Provoni is a character in Our Friends from Frolix 8 by Philip K. Dick.

My name Joachim Martillo says practically nothing about my ethnic heritage either in the short form or in the long version: Joachim Carlo Santos Martillo Ajami.

If you believe that intermarriage discloses anything about bigotry or racism, you are completely clueless.

Wilhelm Marr, who invented the modern concept of anti-Semitism, was half-Jewish and only married Jewish women. He was and remains hardly exceptional.

Vanessa Hidary:

AllanGreen is beginning to remind me of Vanessa Hidary: The Inner (Screeching) Jew Incarnated.

The Racism of Jewish Claims to Ethical Superiority:

It is simply racist to believe that Jews of all peoples on the planet could not engage in genocide or develop their own form of Nazism.

I am hardly out of the mainstream of Eastern European and Jewish studies when I point out the disproportionate representation of Jews

1) in major criminality including financial fraud and white slaving from at least as far back as the 1830s until the present day — even Sholem Aleichem wrote short stories about the subject — and

2) in radical and Zionist assassination, mass murder, ethnic cleansing, and genocide.

At the very least discussing the subjects is important as an issue of truth and advertising, about which Professor Walt has previously blogged.

Addressing Jewish financial crime, conspiracy, and manipulation is particularly important in the foreign policy discussion because not only is ethnonational financial warfare even more intrinsic to Jabotinskian Zionist ideology than the Iron Wall, but Jabotinskian Zionists dominate the government of Israel, the US Israel Lobby, and Obama’s economic team.

To put it bluntly Jabotinskian Zionists call this discussion anti-Semitic in order to deflect attention from serious world class Zionism-related financial malfeasance, which has major foreign policy implications.

Pointing out that the Holocaust of Zionist mythology really has few points of contact with the reality of mass murder of Jews after the German invasion of the Soviet Union is important because Zionists wave the bloody shirt of the Holocaust as a license to commit atrocities against Palestinians throughout the Middle East and in order improperly and shamelessly to claim the status of political moral arbiters in the USA.

A Zionist inclination to opportunistic political use of genocide is longstanding. Herzl strongly hoped that criticism of the Ottoman Empire over the Armenian question would make it possible for him to reach a deal with the Sultan over Palestine. He actually hoped that conditions for Armenians would worsen in the 1890s.

Tovah Reich has a wonderful comment on Holocaust religion, which I have cited in Three Obnoxious Boston Area Events.

The Lies of Yiddish Studies:

For this type of discussion, it is useful to direct readers to the following two blogentries:

  1. Jewish History: Facts Versus Delusions and
  2. The Lies of Yiddish Studeis

As for the specific points raised by AlanGreen:

1) In re: Armenians. I disagree with some of the analysis in The Banality of Indifference, but it is worth reading. Commemoration: Palestinian and Armenian Genocides discusses the callousness of the Zionist settlement in Palestine toward Armenians.

The miserable Jewish/Zionist record toward Palestinians may result from the historical Yiddish and Ottoman Jewish hostility toward Armenians. Traditional Yiddish “ethnography” treats Armenians as the descendants of Amalek. The Yiddish derogatory terms for Armenians are timkhe and mokh from the Hebrew version of Ex. 17:14.

I can make a good case that such hostility towards Armenians arose because Jews competed with Armenians for control of the same economic niche in both historic Poland and the Ottoman Empire.

2) You are simply in denial. Within a few days of my arrival in Tel Aviv in the early 90s, a pimp offered to sell me a blond virgin. There has been a fairly open discussion of Jewish white slaving in the Boston Jewish Advocate.

A good number of pogroms the Czarist Empire were reactions to white slaving, and eventually Jews outside of the white slave trade staged pogroms against the white slavers. Wikipedia has a somewhat imperfect discussion of Jewish white slaving in Zwi Migdal.

The modern Yiddish white slave trade probably has its origins in the kinderkhapper of the 1830s and in fraud associated with wiving retired Cantonists who were exempt from the restriction of living within the Pale of Settlement.

I discuss some of the history of Jersusalem prostitution at the end of The Roots of Jewish Aggression.

3) Peter Novick’s The Holocaust in American Life argues that Rafael Lemkin either did consider the Nakba an example of genocide or would have if he had given it any thought.

I argue in Massad, Nakba, Mankubin, Holoexaleipsis, Heroism that the Nakba or more properly the Holoexaleipsis is the archetypal example of 19th, 20th and 21st century genocide.

There is a developing scholarly consensus in Soviet studies that Soviet Ashkenazim were generally the planners and implementers of Soviet genocide and ethnic cleansing. I allude to Slezkine’s discussion of the topic in The Pattern of Ethnic Ashkenazi Genocidalism: The Jewish Century by Yuri Slezkine. Steven Plocker published a brief article on the subject on Ynet: Stalin’s Jews.

Among Russian Imperial orientalists, who provided the academic support for Czarist expansion, ethnic cleansing and genocide, Russian Ashkenazim were disproportionately represented. The converted but still Jewishly-identifying scholar Daniel Chwolson is an example of a Russian Jewish academic that provided racist justification for removal/ethnic cleansing/genocide of Muslims in the Caucasus and Czarist Southwest Asia.

4) There is a growing scholarly consensus that Stalin’s purges generally left Soviet Ashkenazim relatively unscathed or far less scathed in comparison with other groups. After the purges, the upper echelons of the Soviet hierarchy were more not less Ashkenazi.

Doubts about Soviet Jewish loyalty did not arise until a few years after the establishment of the State of Israel.

In response the Jewish proportion of the Soviet leadership was reduced, but it was still disproportionate relative to the size of the Soviet Jewish population right up to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Slezkine has some discussion of the history in The Jewish Century, and his bibliography is pretty good with regard to the scholarship at the time of the book’s publication.

Primakov was an example of a recent high ranking Soviet Jewish official, and the Russian Jewish Oligarchs were able to establish themselves after the fall of the Soviet Union either because of high Soviet rank or because of close connections to other Jews with high Soviet rank. There have been a good number of recent studies of the persistence of Jewish identity among Soviet Jews both within and without the Soviet leadership.


My Arabic is not great, but I do keep up with Arabic-language Eastern European and Jewish studies literature. As far as I know there is no discussion within the Arabic or Islamic world either in Arabic or in English of topics that interest me in E. European, Russian, Soviet, Jewish or Holocaust studies, but if you can provide references or citations, I would be most interested.

What About Ashkenazi Genocidalism?:

I have done field work in Poland and the Ukraine to research the Holocaust.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Holoexaleipsis (the Nakba and ongoing Zionist genocide) is far more heinous than the Holocaust — see Nakba Education vs Holocaust Disinformation.

In addition, the ridiculous Zionist Holocaust mythology taught in the USA has no connection to the facts — see Haaretz Confirms: Two Separate Holocausts.

I put a set of links to this topic in Summary: Holocaust and Ashkenazi Genocidalism.

I agree that we have moral reason to dismantle the Zionist state (just as we destroyed Baathist Iraq), but the imperative to purge Zionists from the US government, to arrest the international Zionist leadership and to seize Zionist assets results from the damage that Zionists have done and continue to do to our economic and political system: Forbes: Zionist Ethnonational Financial Warfare.

Political Commentator on TV:

I occasionally appear on al-Jazeera and Iran PressTV either as a political analyst or as spokesman for Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel: Martillo on Iranian PressTV.

I have met Professor Walt a few times and attended some of his lectures. As far as I can tell, he does not know much about Eastern European and Jewish Studies.

He is much to easy on Zionists.

Subsidies Not Aid:

You are really underestimated what the USA gives to Israel. The critical figure is subsidy and not aid.

Back in 2002 when I was working on Somerville divestment, I conservatively calculated a number of approximately $30 billion/year, and I believe that number has risen in 2008 to approximately $60 billion, but it may be as high as $100 billion (approximately half Israel’s GDP)

Israel: A Giant Ponzi Scheme offers an appropriate way to think about Israel from the standpoint of US funding.

Please note that the yearly cost of Israel to the USA is far larger than the yearly subsidy.

Disproportionate Jewish Zionist Influence in the Media:

Here is the comment from the German media on alleged Palestinian celebration of 9/11 (Bilder, Berichte, Betroffenheit – Die Medien und die Katastrophe)

Stärker noch als Worte: Bilder. Die Aufnahmen jubelnder Palästinenser flimmerten wenige Stunden nach dem Anschlag weltweit über die Bildschirme. Sie erwecken den Eindruck, die halbe Stadt wäre auf den Beinen, um den Tod Tausender Amerikaner zu feiern. So die grausame Aussage der Bilder zumindest auf den ersten Blick.

Medienwissenschaftler Professor Martin Löffelholz interpretiert: “Diese Bilder von jubelnden Palästinenserkindern, auch von einigen Erwachsenen, zeigen Einzelne, die sich offensichtlich freuen. Ob sie sich über die Anschläge freuen, weiß ich nicht. Ich vermute das, weil es uns so in der Berichterstattung gesagt worden ist, ich weiß es nicht. Der Kontext, der Entstehungskontext ist mir unklar.”

Bei genauer Betrachtung des vollständigen, nicht gesendeten Bildmaterials fällt auf, dass es auf der Straße drumherum ruhig ist. Nur vor der Kamera eine Gruppe aufgekratzter Kinder. Die Frau, die mit ihrem Freudentaumel in Erinnerung bleibt, geht kurz darauf ungerührt weiter. Auffällig ein Mann in einem weißen T-Shirt. Er stachelt die Kinder an, und er holt immer wieder neue Leute ran.

Die Frau, die gerade gegangen ist, sagt heute, man habe ihr Kuchen versprochen, wenn sie sich vor der Kamera freut. Sie selbst sei entsetzt gewesen, als sie die Bilder im Fernsehen sah. Niemals habe sie sich über den Anschlag auf die USA gefreut. Wahrheit? Inszenierung?

Vom Drehort in Jerusalem hatte eine Bildagentur das Material nach London überspielt, zur Zentrale. Von hier aus wird es zu Fernsehsendern in der ganzen Welt verteilt – unter dem Titel: Palästinenser feiern in Jerusalem.

Per Satellit kommen die jubelnden Palästinenser auch nach Deutschland. Hier laufen Bilder aus aller Welt auf, Bilder, die starke Gefühle hervorrufen, aber nicht unbedingt Abbild der Wirklichkeit sind.

“In Krisen und Kriegssituationen”, so Medienwissenschaftler Löffelholz, “ist eine gehörige Portion Distanz auch des Zuschauers, auch des Lesers zu dem, was von Journalisten verbreitet wird, notwendig. Das hat damit zu tun, dass auch Journalisten Fehler machen, dass auch Journalisten dem Informationsmanagement von Politik und Militär aufsitzen.”

Thanks to disproportionate Jewish Zionist Influence in the Media, this material did not make it into US newspapers and magazines.

When I heard the reports of Palestinian celebrations in Jerusalem, I called up to ask about them from some Palestinian friends and former employees, who live in Jersualem. They knew nothing about any public demonstrations.

When I called up some of my Jewish relatives, who live in West Jerusalem who vote nowadays for habayit hayehudi, which did not exist back in 2001 when they were Miflaga Datit Leumit voters. They were quite ecstatic about the attack on the WTC and the Pentago because they saw an opportunity for the linkage of Zionist genocidal abuse of Palestinians with America’s defense against anti-American terrorism.

At this point I can safely identify AllanGreen as yet of another of the plethora of the racist Jewish Zionist masbirim (propagandists) that litter the Internet.

As for the inebriated drunks, they are quite typical of racist Jewish Zionist contempt for Palestinians and non-Jews in general as well as historical Yiddish antigoyizm (anti-Gentilism) in general.


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