In Re: [Mondoweiss] Herzl’s contempt for Armenians was an original sin of Zionism

Phil Weiss’s blog entry Herzl’s contempt for Armenians was an original sin of Zionism fails to address the history of Jewish-Armenian relations in Central and Eastern Europe.

Eastern European and to some extent Central European Jews simply did not get along with Armenians as I point out in In re: [Stephen Walt] The Cairo speech (round two):

1) In re: Armenians. I disagree with some of the analysis in The Banality of Indifference, but it is worth reading. Commemoration: Palestinian and Armenian Genocides discusses the callousness of the Zionist settlement in Palestine toward Armenians.

The miserable Jewish/Zionist record toward Palestinians may result from the historical Yiddish and Ottoman Jewish hostility toward Armenians. Traditional Yiddish “ethnography” treats Armenians as the descendants of Amalek. The Yiddish derogatory terms for Armenians are timkhe and mokh from the Hebrew version of Ex. 17:14.

I can make a good case that such hostility towards Armenians arose because Jews competed with Armenians for control of the same economic niche in both historic Poland and the Ottoman Empire.

There was no religious content in Jewish attitudes. Ethnic Ashkenazim and Ottoman Jews considered Armenians descendants of Amalek not for any religious reason but because of the economic competition, which continued into the early 20th century.

I have found the derogatory term Timkhe in the German writings of Austrian Jews that had converted to Catholicism.

Herzl’s father’s family came from an area of Hungary/Serbia where Jewish-Armenian competition and mutual animosity was quite intense.

When Austrian Empress Maria Theresa was placing restrictions on Jews, she was showing favoritism to Armenians.

BTW,  even though Phil believes he would have been a Zionist if he had lived at the beginning of the twentieth century in Austrian or Russian Ukraine, I am fairly certain that he would have been an anti-Czarist revolutionary.

3 Responses to “In Re: [Mondoweiss] Herzl’s contempt for Armenians was an original sin of Zionism”

  1. An0nym0us Says:

    What is going on with the Mondoweiss blog? Have they banned you, Ed, and some of the most controversial people from commenting there? If so, it is a shame. Mondoweiss used to have a great comments section.

  2. eaazi Says:

    I am not sure what the issue is. I have signed up and receive a password but it never works. There may be some sort of firewall issue, and I will ask.

    Anyway, you can always take part in discussions on my sites.

    I have broadened the topic base by taking a feed from my wife’s World View News Service.

  3. GP Says:

    The blowhard obscurantist Richard Witty is still going strong. He doesn’t seem to be having any problems.

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