In Re: [Mondoweiss] Question never ends… What kind of Israel do you want?

I commented on Question never ends… What kind of Israel do you want?:

When Agha and Malley write

“Both positions enjoy broad support within their respective communities. Few Israelis quarrel with the insistence that Israel be recognized as a Jewish state. It encapsulates their profound aspiration, rooted in the history of the Jewish people, for a fully accepted presence in the land of their forebears — for an end to Arab questioning of Israel’s legitimacy, the specter of the Palestinian refugees’ return and any irredentist sentiment among Israel’s Arab citizens.

they are regurgitating Zionist propaganda and pandering Jewish racism: Globe Reports Israel Twists History.

The US government can only be incentivized to solve the problem if patriotic pro-Palestinian, anti-Zionist, and anti-Israel activists start talking about the damage that the alliance with Israel does to the USA because then indifferent Americans will begin to hate and to despise the State of Israel and the Israel-firsters among the US population.

Israel advocates will never let up on Arab Americans, Muslim Americans, and critics of Zionism, and they will distort American politics, American law, and American business in order to maintain unquestioned American support for the alliance with Israel and in order to keep themselves on the gravy train of US subsidies to Israel and of US expenditures to maintain the Zionist state in the ME: Battle Waged in Boston over New Mosque.

The real question is “What kind of USA do you want?” When activists begin to ask that question, Zionism and the State of Israel will fall.


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