In Re: [Mondoweiss] Mix the ‘barrage’ with compassion so as to break thru to Jews

I commented on Mix the ‘barrage’ with compassion so as to break thru to Jews:

Phil is fighting with identity politics.

It is one of the toughest nuts to crack, but there are successful countermeasures that I can trace at least to the last quarter of the 19th century.

My group is called Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel because a lot of the participants still identify with their heritage but not with Zionism or present-day Judaism.

In the case of Marion Dreyfus

I have the impression that she depends on Jewish Zionist social networks for income.

One can become defensive when one’s livelihood is at stake even if the underlying subtext is never consciously or explicitly part of the discussion. To persuade her, it is not sufficient for Phil to be right or compassionate.


3 Responses to “In Re: [Mondoweiss] Mix the ‘barrage’ with compassion so as to break thru to Jews”

  1. Thom Says:

    Please remember that mondoweiss bans dissent. That is not their official policy, but it is there actual policy. What you read from them could easily contain misinformation and outright lies which would not be objected to in the comments section. Read and post there if you like, but never forget that it is a propaganda site, not a source of true and accurate information about what is going on in Israel and the Palestinian cities.

  2. An0nym0us Says:

    It looks like the banned “Ed” from Mondoweiss too. Yet, Richard Witty enjoys a free reign to post his “liberal Zionist” views.

  3. Thom Says:

    Yeah, the site ranges from “Israel is Satan incarnate on Earth” to “Israel is evil, but not as evil as you say it is”. Richard Witty falls into the latter category. He is more a weak anti-Zionist than a Zionist.

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