In Re: [Stephen Walt] Safe Haven (2): A response to Peter Bergen

I commented on Safe Haven (2): A response to Peter Bergen:

Need to Discuss the Jewish Zionist Aspects of Afghanistan Policy

I have been quiet because I have be plowing through the publicly available information on 9/11 and Arab Jihadism.

It is far from clear that Bin-Ladin and al-Qa`ida have really committed the terrorist acts ascribed to them.

Unlike most of the alleged experts whether a journalist like Lawrence Wright or foreign policy wonk Peter Bergen, I actually read Arabic.

I also have been studying Jewish Zionist transnational politics for twenty years.

In order to marginalize growing Western Muslim populations, the Zionist intelligentsia has desperately been trying to fabricate the bogey man of a centralized Islamic terrorist organization even though the terror attacks like the those on the African embassies, the USS Cole and 9/11 have been relatively low-tech and relatively inexpensive with no real need for an organization like al-Qaeda to plan and to organize them.

I can understand why al-Qaeda might want to take credit for the attacks (it’s good for fundraising).

Yet the Arab Jihadist smoking gun simply isn’t there while the construction of the Zionism-serving official story has involved far too many Jewish Zionist Islamophobes to take seriously without first investigating the pre-conceived notions of government officials or consultants like Steven Emerson, Matthew Levitt, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Daniel Pipes, Douglas Feith, David Wurmser, Richard Perle, the AJCommittee, the ADL, and many others.

There is a good possibility that the USA has been conned bigtime by Zionist subversives, among whom Peter Bergen should probably be counted if only because he flings around accusations of anti-Semitism as randomly as any Zionist Neocon.

In the globalized world with globalized cash flows, blowing up a genocide-supporting Zionist anywhere on the planet is no different from blowing up a Nazi anywhere in occupied Europe during the 1940s, and realists must reject the sort terminological promiscuity in which Bergen indulges.

I would really like to see a good cash accounting of money flows and beneficiaries of shoveling 100s of billions of dollars into attacking al-Qaeda in the AfPak region.

I am fairly certain that US subsidies (not foreign aid) to the State of Israel are running at approximately $100 billion/year.

Here is my summary that tries to analyze the political situation from the standpoint of domestic and transnational politicsl considerations: Collision: Jewish-Zionist, Arab-Islamic Transnational Politics.

Looking at Fundamental Premises Not Relevant?

Excuse me, but why isn’t my comment relevant?

Professor Walt wants to do some cost-benefit analysis.

More power to him.

I want to look at the basics with a minor extension to the Mearsheimer & Walt Israel Lobby thesis.

I know that the Israel Lobby is not just another Lobby, but then I come at the issue from Eastern European studies, where it is a truism that the Polish Socialist Party constituted a 40 year conspiracy to create an independent Polish state.

Yet if we accept the M&W thesis of a super-Lobby that occasionally engages in behavior that looks like espionage, why couldn’t it engage in the occasional subversion?

Pipes has been working on his grand unified Islamic threat theory since the early 1980s. It only takes enough people in the right place to turn it into an essential component of the epistemic culture of the US governmental bureaucracy.

I have looked in detail at the three critical anti-American actions attributed to directly to Bin-Ladin and his al-Qaeda “command center”:

  1. The African embassy attacks,
  2. The Cole attack, and
  3. 9/11

Alleged al-Qaeda member Haroun Fazul, whose whereabouts is unknown, is supposed to connect the operation to Bin-Ladin. Without him, of course, there is no proof of a connection.

I will grant that a Bin-Ladin connection to the Cole attack makes sense because the US had tried to shove a cruise missile up Bin-Ladin’s butt, but what exactly was Bin-Ladin supposed to have done in the Cole attack? It was committed with a dinghy and explosives, which are not exactly rare commodities in Yemen.

As for 9/11, Khaled Shaykh Muhammad is usually credited as the mastermind. There is one probable meeting between Muhammad and Bin-Ladin in 1997 and one alleged meeting after the operation had already started.

What exactly was Bin-Ladin’s role.

Did Muhammad ask for money in 1997? Bin-Ladin had none.

Did Muhammad ask for Bin-Ladin’s blessing? So what? There are at least a billion people on the planet that hate the USA and would give a blessing to practically any attack on the USA.

Bin-Ladin’s blessing and about $1.10 will get you a coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts.

I have read through the Mary Jo White’s indictment of Bin-Ladin. It is the usual gibberish that I associate with Daniel Pipes.

Obviously, the USA has a real problem, but cost-benefit analysis only scratches the surface of Jewish Zionist subversion.

Here are some relevant blog entries:

Daniel Pipes: Saudia in the Gun Sights

Phil Weiss: Herzl and Normalizing Jewish Power

BTW, I know more about transnational Jewish-Zionist politics than probably anyone.

At this point whether you are Thomas Hegghammer or Stephen Walt, you should probably be looking at this topic in order to make sense of current international politics.

In [wvns] Anti-Islam fascism on rise in France, I mention that Boston Jewish-Zionist Islamophobic politics is seeping into French national controversies and provide a link to my discussion of the manipulation of Dutch national politics by Boston Jewish Zionist hate-mongers.

Anyway, Professor Walt answers his email. Why don’t you write him directly?


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