In Re: [Islam In Europe] Rotterdam: City to fire Tariq Ramadan (UPDATE)

I commented on Rotterdam: City to fire Tariq Ramadan (UPDATE):

Meaning of Fascism

Actually, fascism was not precisely a right-wing ideology but — as Zev Sternhell — points out was a revision of Marxism. 

The rise of fascism (and Nazism) does not take place in the 30s. At that point these two ideologies have already arrived. 

The Holocaust according to most scholars starts in January 1942, and most immigrants in Central and Western Europe during the 20s and 30s were not Jewish but were fleeing either the Soviet Union or newly created states of E. Europe. I would guess that most refugees were probably Ostdeutsch but there were also a lot of anti-communists fleeing from the Bolsheviks. 

In general Jewish sympathies lay with the Bolsheviks with the exception of the minority religious Jewish group that was subjected to severe persecution by the Yevsektsia and secular Soviet Jews: 

Der Nister witnessed … religious and political persecution during his lifetime, he must have been certain that this sect [Bratislaver Hassidim] would vanish for good, forever to be misunderstood. In the 1920s, the mainstream Jewish community had even turned on its own religious sects in the Soviet states, echoing the government’s pogroms, and Der Nister’s novel reflects that internal feud. As Book Two ends, the town seeks to drive out the sect, suspecting that somehow the group’s strange habits have brought the curse of financial ruin upon everyone. [Elizabeth Mitchell in The Lies of Yiddish Studies

A few of my relatives abandoned the New Yishuv in order to return to Russia and take part in the consolidation of the Soviet state — to wit, in order to participate in massive crimes against humanity. 

During the 30s Jews definitely number far more among the victimizers than among the victims when proper consideration is given to Soviet Ashkenazi mass murderers and to the Zionist Ashkenazim, who took part in the targeted assassinations of the Special Night Squads. 

The work fo Koonz and Herf both show that the German Nazis were not really focused on anti-Semitism until at least 1939, for the Nazi leadership was far more concerned externally with the Soviet Union and internally with the Marxist fifth column. 

Spanish, French, and Italian fascist leaders were on the whole far less interested in the Jewish question than the German Nazis, and a good part of the Spanish, French, and Italian fascist leadership explicitly repudiated anti-Semitism during the 30s. 

I have not seen Changing Europe and Islam, but a deemphasis on the discussion of anti-Semitism during the 30s would in general be a good corrective to the historical distortions to which pop culture usually subjects us.

Restricted Discussion of 1930s History

I have spent decades in studying the 30s. 

While I not particularly thrilled with Revisionist historians, I find even more offensive the nonsense that Jews believe about the period. 

I attended the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) exhibition on German Nazi book-burnings. 

I told the USHMM rep that I was offended as anybody about Nazi book-burnings. 

Then I asked whether he thought it might have been relevant to mention that while the German Nazis were burning books, the Soviets were shooting authors, and the killers were usually Jewish. 

He agreed and told me that USHMM spokespeople were not allowed to discuss this particular aspect of 1930s politics. 

I am an expert in the field. I can tell you on what day Eichmann was where, and I do not like to deal with Jewish ranting on the issue. 

Unless Ramadan spends the time to develop expertise at my level — approximately 30 years of work, he should probably avoid the topic. 

A few years ago, I showed off with the Italian consul at a showing of PerlascaSometimes Emailings Makes a Difference.

Hitler and Wilders

I have listened to Hitler’s speeches of the 30s and gone through a large chunk of Nazi and fascist writings. 

Generally, non-Jews throughout Europe were angry at Jewish economic, business, and financial misbehavior, but the main object of hatred and fear was the Soviet Union. 

This hostility redounded upon the Jews because Jews were perceived not completely incorrectly as the force behind the Soviet Union. 

The problem with this thinking was the belief in monolithic Jewish conspiratorial politics. 

I attribute refusal to take Jewish politics seriously — as one might look at Polish politics — to prejudice. 

Likewise the refusal to look at Soviet and fascist politics seriously — they are very different — also looks like prejudice. 

Anyway, I also appear on Iranian PressTV. It does not take the position that the Holocaust did not happen. The issue even came up in an interview I did a few months ago. 

My opinion about the USHMM is hardly unique. Yuri Slezkine has said as much as has the eminent Princeton scholar Arno Mayer. (Winston Churchill had a fairly similar opinion.

European Muslims certainly are not treated like German Jews in the 30s or 40s. (Palestinians are.) 

Yet I have listened to Geert Wilders’ battle-for-civilization sthik. He does do a pretty good Hitler imitation, and I can understand why there is a superficial comparison with the 30s. 

Ramadan simply does not have the skill set to look at the money trails and understand them, but I do. 

Geert Wilders and friends are getting piles of money from the principals of the American Republican Jewish Coalition. 

While the NSDAP did receive money in the 1920s from wealthy Jews like Arthur Trebitsch, we are seeing a completely different sort of Jewish politics in the pumping up of the new radical right. 

You should know. I think I’ve seen your stuff on MEF.

Serious Historians

I don’t take Gilbert seriously as an historian when Jewish subjects are involved. 

Anyway, I verified Churchill’s authorship of the article that I quoted in Jewish Peril: 1933 versus 2009. I recommend reading the whole article (the link is there) in order to get a sense of how poor an historian Gilbert really is. 

There is a fairly open debate here in the USA about the anti-Semitism of the Iranian government. (Take a look at the Roger Cohen link of Roya Hakakian: Shadow of Recollections.) 

The anti-Semitism accusation belongs to Jabotinskian-Neocon-Bomb-Iran politics, to which MEF belongs. 

MEF is one of the organizations that is encouraging the funding of Wilders and friends. I attended fundraisers for him in Boston: Collection: Wilders Visit to Boston

BTW, Pipes also appears on Iranian PressTV although he has yet to appear with me on a program even though the producers have tried to make it happen in the past. 

I have also appeared in the pages of the Volkskrant

Media appearances don’t say anything about a person. 

I write political economics. Conspiracy is part of political economics. I write about transnational political conspiracies among Arabs and Muslims when it is relevant to the discussion at hand. 

Hannah Arendt was accused of anti-Semitism because she wrote historical analysis of Jews instead of panegyrics. Obviously, I am going to catch more flak because I deal directly with the economic and finance issues.


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