In Re: [Stephen Walt] Huckabee in the Holy Land

I added the following comments to Huckabee in the Holy Land:

Not Concerned about Palestinians

I am chiefly concerned with the damage that Zionist subversion does to the American political, economic, and legal system:

  1. Freeman, American Naiveté, Israel Lobby
  2. Jewish Financial Aggression, Worldwide Economic Nakba
  3. MSM Monitor: Mun Murder Cover-Up Complete

Obviously, I am not the only person becoming disgusted with Zionist subversion of American society: Shocker: Number of Americans Who Say U.S. should support Israel drops from 71% to 44% in one year.

I point out in Jewish Peril: 1933 Versus 2009:

Zionists have proven to be much smarter Nazis for they have built their thousand year Reich as a virtual state entity and have piggy-backed on US power and influence since 1947 in an effort to conquer not merely territory but to thoroughly colonize the minds of their Western victims, who are being lead like sheep to some sort of apocalyptic slaughter in confrontation with the Islamic world.

In comparison with the Jewish Zionist peril of 2009, the real albeit anti-Semitically tainted Jewish peril of the 20s and 30s, the German Nazi threat during the 30s, and the post-WW2 Communist Menace all fade into insignificance.

A Balanced View and the Facts

I had this discussion with Linda Gradstein a few years ago after a talk in which she claimed to report the news about Israel and Palestine in a balanced fashion, and she just could not understand how I could argue — as a former newspaper reporter — that balanced reporting cannot possibly be objective reporting.

Every poll of the Muslim world shows that something like 70-80% of Muslims are personally offended by the continued existence of the State of Israel, and why shouldn’t they be?

A bunch of racist murderous genocidal — according to their own primary literature, which I have read — Eastern Europeans stole Palestine from the native population and have justified Zionist crimes against humanity in a number of ways including defamation of the whole Islamic world.

I don’t know if the overwhelming majority of the planetary population wants to see the State of Israel abolished, but I would wager that it is a respectable majority.

Why does the US have to be on the wrong side of history?

At the very least it is expensive, and it probably occasions a periodic horrendous terrorist attack.

Herein lies the problem. We are unable to have a rational discussion of the issue because at this point some racist Jewish Zionist invariably interjects with “the balanced view” and accuses those in disagreement of anti-Semitism and paranoia (the tip off that we are dealing with a Jewish hypocrite).

Guess what! Unless we start scrutinizing Jewish history, politics, and religion the way racist Jewish Zionists trash Arab and Muslim history and politics, we don’t have a balanced view.

In fact, I have to ask our racist Jewish “Balanced View” Zionist, whether he has been studying Judaica for the last 40 years?

How much time has he spent in a Yeshiva?

Does he at the very least read Classical Hebrew, Mishnaic Hebrew, Modern Israeli Hebrew, Yiddish, Polish, Russian, and German without which it is not really possible to have a good understanding of modern Jewish political economy?

Because a lot of the issues are related to finance and economics, how much background does he have in mathematical economics and financial modeling?

Does he have a good background in demography and statistics?

Anyone that starts flinging around epithets like anti-Semitism and paranoia is trying to shut down the discussion.

By any reasonable standard hating Zionists and Jews refusing to condemn Zionism is completely justified on the part of Arabs, Muslims, and their sympathizers.

Because Americans are particularly dense on this subject after decades of Zionist brainwashing, I will reiterate.

A bunch or murderous racist genocidal E. Europeans stole Palestine from the native population and justified their crimes with a lot of ridiculous nonsense including

1) slicing and dicing Christian and Jewish scripture,

2) vilifying Arabs, and

3) demonizing Muslims.

It has little connection to realist foreign policy (except possibly issues of soft power), but hating Zionism is not anti-Semitism or paranoia. It is the natural reaction to Zionist villainy and the transparent mendacity of dishonest Jews like “A Balanced View.”


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