In Re: [Islam in Europe] Netherlands: Tariq Ramadan responds

I commented on Netherlands: Tariq Ramadan responds

Tommy’s comment fairly clearly indicates that the subtext of hysteria about Muslim integration consists of Zionism and the State of Israel.

Jihadwatch is a part of the David Horowitz Freedom Institute, which is really only concerned that the USA and the European states follow a pro-Israel foreign policy.

In general media Zionists both in the USA and in Europe are totally freaked out that the Muslim community is implacably anti-Israel.

I watched them whip up a hysteria in Boston where there was none, and thanks to the involvement of wealthy Boston Jews in Dutch politics I now have a ringside seat on the effort to create hysteria in the Netherlands.

The Jihadwatch article is a piece of crap.

Sayid Qutb never met Hasan al-Banna, and during the 30s the New Yishuv was receiving money from Germany while the legitimate native resistance to racist Zionist invaders and interlopers from Central and Eastern Europe was for the most part cash-starved.

Spencer’s questions are some sort of attempt to delegitimize Ramadan because he considers Islamic scripture divine just as a Jewish or Christian believer might consider Jewish or Christian scripture to be divine.

While Jews may have problems with Muslim believers as fellow citizens, European and North American governments simply do not consider religious belief a legitimate basis for exclusion from full citizenship.

If there is going to be this sort of interrogation of believers, I would rather start with Rahm Emanuel and Dennis Ross, and my questions are real simple:

  1. Do you give priority to the interests of the USA or to the State of Israel?
  2. Do you believe that the historical or national rights of Jews are superior to the human rights of non-Jews?
  3. Do you believe that Jews have the right to plunder and to kill non-Jews with impunity as routinely takes place in territories under Zionist control?
  4. As a Jew do you not feel a special obligation to condemn the State of Israel and demand its abolition for crimes against humanity just as many Germans (e.g., Dr. Seuss) took the lead in opposition to the German racism and ethnic fundamentalism embodied in Nazi Germany?

Non-Jews and anti-Zionist Jews have the right to expect Jewish leaders and politicians to answer these questions.


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