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In Re: [Fair Policy, Fair Discussion] Mitchell’s glitter wearing off? [Comment 17 (Howard)]

October 31, 2009

I respond to Howard’s comment  in Mitchell’s glitter wearing off? [Comment 17]:

Howard is black.

Joachim is red.

Lieberman: Lieberman is a minority coalition partner. His party has almost certainly passed its peak of popularity in Israel after showing itself to be both hypocritical and ineffective. They may retain support among Russian speakers, but their popularity among others has waned sharply and will likely continue to do so. As for Lieberman, the man has a big mouth and has repeatedly embarrassed himself. He is one of the less effective foreign ministers in Israel’s history. On critical foreign policy matters, Netanyahu is running foreign policy himself rather than trusting Lieberman’s assessments or Lieberman’s mouth. Egypt won’t talk to Lieberman because Lieberman insulted Mubarak. The Jordanians won’t talk to Lieberman either. The Palestinians won’t. There is little interest on the American side in dealing with him. And although Lieberman tried to promote the idea that Russia was a great friend and an alternative to the US, the Russians smiled and then set him aside. When it mattered, Netanyahu flew to Russia personally and in secret, without Lieberman. What, exactly, has Lieberman accomplished in his tenure as foreign minister and junior coalition partner?

Lieberman’s foolish rants mean nothing; as foreign minister he has no authority over the military whatsoever, and Netanyahu is plainly sidelining him. Thank God. The man is a bigot and a screw-up.

I worked on and off in Israel and the Occupied Territories from 1990-2002. Lieberman and his ideas are simply more mainstream in Israeli Zionist politics that you claim, and when I listen to Israeli radio on the Internet, the vicious racism is even worse than I remember. Yet as an American I am even far more distressed that Lieberman’s thinking has been absorbed by media Jews and is now being disseminated to the American public: Makdisi Overlooks US Journalistic Nazification.

As for your subsequent rant – wow. Just wow.

Joachim, the term “anti-goyism” is not Yiddish, and I’m fairly certain that you know that. The term is a very recent invention of neo-Nazi fringe groups.

Howard can’t BS me as he might other Jews or non-Jews.

I have been in Jewish studies for 40 years.

I have come across term antigoyizm in Yiddish texts from the 1880s-1930s. I assume it was a neologism created in response to the German word Antisemitismus. The beloved Yiddish author Sholem Aleichem several times (including in at least one essay in Af vos badarfn yidn a  land) described antigoyizm as a behavioral pattern that made it difficult for Jews to get along with non-Jews.

Your rant about “Jewish hatred for non-Jews” being “long-standing” is an example of serious, full-on anti-Semitic bigotry. I honestly thought you were smarter than to buy into that kind of garbage. If you were to say “Christian hatred for non-Christians is long-standing” or “Muslim hatred for non-Muslims is long-standing,” etc. then you would rightly be condemned as a Christophobe or an Islamophobe. If you said it about Blacks you would be rightly condemned as a racist. Such blanket statements about “the Evil Jews” are anti-Semitic drivel. Ad hominem attacks on me and all, I still thought you were better than THIS.

As a specialist in modern Eastern European and Jewish political economics, I have no doubt that Eastern European Yiddish Jews were one of the most racist populations in E. Europe despite common American misconceptions.

Eastern European Jewish resentment toward non-Jews are fairly easy to understand. Ethnic Ashkenazim were a major component of the commercial elite in historical Poland but became effectively disenfranchised with the collapse of Commonwealth Poland into the first modern failed state.

Yiddish Jews became extremely frustrated and angry especially as their erstwhile collaborators in the Polish gentry began to find more common interests with the Polish peasantry that Jews and gentry previously had so effectively exploited.

Jewish antigoyizm is without doubt a growing phenomenon during the 19th century in the territories of historic Poland.

As for studying Jewish antigoyizm or German anti-Semitism, there certainly are legitimate ways to characterize groups via measurable indicators, and there are quite reasonable studies of German or Christian anti-Semitism.

It is an illegitimate and disingenuous technique of Zionist hasbarah to claim that it is anti-Semitic to apply the same analytic techniques to Jews as one might use in describing non-Jews.

Zionism is one of several racist murderous genocidal ideologies that arise in Central and Eastern Europe during the late 19th century:  Zionism, Fascism, Nazism for Dummies, Why is this Nationalism Different ….

It is another technique of Zionist hasbarah to draw attention from the vile nature of Zionism by making unsubstantiatable accusations against the leadership of the native population of Palestine.

You position Hamas as a peace-loving group and say that if the Jews would simply disappear, then Hamas would have no hatred of them and all would be well; sorry, that’s too bad. Israel exists and Jews are there, including millions ethnically cleansed from the Arab world.

Hamas leaders are adults. Stop patronizing them. Like every other adult in a position of responsibility over millions of people, they must govern their rages and their thirst for vengeance and deal with the modern world, in the name of their people’s welfare. The welfare of Gazans demands that Hamas put aside its genocidal delusions and make peace. Gaza’s border with Israel is, in fact, the border that the Arab Peace Plan proposes for Gaza. Hamas could declare victory any day, in the name of the Arab world, fix that border and seal a permanent peace on that border. But Hamas refuses to declare the war over on that border, and this is because Hamas does not care about building a Palestinian state; Hamas cares about violently destroying the Jews. It’s all about revenge on anyone who Hamas perceives to have “humiliated” Arabs in the past, regardless of the truth of that perception.

Hamas is not a peace-loving group. If Israel did not exist, it would still be the same violent group that it is, but it would be fighting other Arabs. Its leaders do not govern their rages except when they fear for their own lives and power. Its violent rampages against its former coalition partners, its shooting up of mosques, its bloody-handed repression of political dissent in Gaza and manner in which its military forces are controlled by unelected terrorists living in totalitarian Syria demonstrate exactly what kind of organization Hamas is. It is just another group of would-be genocidal control freaks whose mission in life is not so much to build its own state as it is to destroy Fatah, destroy Israel and then overthrow the governments of Egypt and Jordan on the way to creating a regional Islamist dictatorship. Such a NICE bunch, Hamas.

Hamas is not the people of Gaza. The people of Gaza deserve BETTER than that.

I am not claiming that Hamas is a peace-loving group. By definition no resistance organization is.

We Americans have

  • to start acknowledging the unequivocal legitimacy of Hamas,
  • to stop pandering the Jewish Zionist racists among us and
  • to make it clear to Jews that they simply do not have the right to plunder and to kill non-Jews with impunity.

Because Jewish Zionist Neocons spent the last 8 years in manipulating the US government into incinerating one Arab or Muslim country after another and in making millions of refugees and because the State of Israel is the linchpin of Zionist mobilization and subversion in America (Importance of Nuremberg Tribunal Law), removing Zionists from stolen and occupied Palestine in order to return the country to the rightful owners is definitely an option that merits public discussion in the USA: Why Not Remove Zionist Interlopers?, Saving America in One Hundred Words.

Russia/etc.: You’re also repeating Nazi-era propaganda again. Yawn.

Now that scholars have more access to Soviet archives, there has been growing awareness that pre-WW2 European conservatives were more right than wrong about the Jewish-Bolshevik Peril and that there really was a great deal of Jewish Communist subversion during the 20s, 30s, and 40s.

In addition, scholars have learned that Soviet Ashkenazim were often the planners and perpetrators of Soviet mass murder, ethnic cleansing, and genocide.

Churchill discussed early 20th century Jewish murderousness in the following passage: Jewish Peril, 1939 versus 2009:


Zionism versus Bolshevism.

A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People

By the Rt. Hon. Winston S. Churchill.

In violent opposition to all this sphere of Jewish effort rise the schemes of the International Jews. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where Jews are persecuted on account of their race. Most, if not all, of them have forsaken the faith of their forefathers, and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.

Terrorist Jews

There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution, by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews, it is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders. Thus Tchitcherin, a pure Russian, is eclipsed by his nominal subordinate Litvinoff, and the influence of Russians like Bukharin or Lunacharski cannot be compared with the power of Trotsky, or of Zinovieff, the Dictator of the Red Citadel (Petrograd) or of Krassin or Radek all Jews. In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. And the prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commissions for Combating Counter-Revolution has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses. The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kun ruled in Hungary. The same phenomenon has been presented in Germany (especially in Bavaria), so far as this madness has been allowed to prey upon the temporary prostration of the German people. Although in all these countries there are many non-Jews every whit as bad as the worst of the Jewish revolutionaries, the part played by the latter in proportion to their numbers in the population is astonishing.

Churchill believed that Zionism would provide an antidote to Bolshevik Jewish murderousness because he was a racist and had no problem with redirecting Jewish violence toward Arabs. For the record Zionist Ashkenazim have been at least as genocidal as Soviet Ashkenazim: The Pattern of Ethnic Ashkenazi Genocidalism: The Jewish Century by Yuri Slezkine.

And you’re down to the brass tacks on Israel & Gaza too: it’s “Jewish violence”, is it? Sir, you’re assigning traits to a whole religion again. If someone was talking about “Muslim violence”, you would blow a fuse, wouldn’t you?

Because I am a Jewish studies specialist, misrepresentations, prevarications, and lies like the following don’t phase me:

And you’re down to the brass tacks on Israel & Gaza too: it’s “Jewish violence”, is it? Sir, you’re assigning traits to a whole religion again. If someone was talking about “Muslim violence”, you would blow a fuse, wouldn’t you?

At least 80% of modern Jews belong to the Eastern European Ashkenazi ethnic group. Treating Jew interchangeably as a religious or ethnic term is even more legitimate for Jews than for Armenians.

Political economists discuss the political and economic factors for the rise of German militarism sinc 1870s.

I have used the same approach to discussing the rise of Jewish imperialism and genocidalism since the 1850s: Introduction: Jewish Historical Political Economics.

Now I am applying my skill set to analyzing the threat that Zionism represents to the USA: Scaremongering Muslim Interns, Undermining Democracy.

Hamas’ tadiyah was a fraud. Hamas operatives continued to launch rockets; they simply claimed responsibility under a different name: the People’s Resistance Committees. Many western media outlets simply don’t bother to probe the details, such as who are the members of which armed Gazan groups. Israel allowed the Hamas fraud to continue because the number of attacks did, in fact, drop and because Israel had other issues to deal with at the time. Finally, each Hamas truce occurred shortly after Israel started assassinating Hamas leaders and shortly after Israel struck Hamas hard militarily. Such a public-spirited gang, Hamas.

Here is a discussion of the six-month lull (tahdiyah) from the Israel: The Six Months of the Lull Arrangement.

This Israeli document makes quite clear that despite Howard’s racist Jewish Zionist lies Hamas worked hard to observe the tahdiyah from June 19th through November 4th when Israel broke the lull by carrying out an operation within Gaza with an excuse that is at the very least highly improbable. (See Escalation in the Gaza Strip.) If Hamas really were creating a tunnel to abduct Israeli soldiers, there are so many better military and PR ways to deal with it that the explanation for the IDF operation in Gaza appears to have been cooked up to cover a desire on the part of the Israeli government simply to break the lull as was by Nov. 4 the expressed desire of many senior people in the Israeli military and political establishment as well as among Neocon subversives in the USA.

I have worked in Gaza. Hamas is an admirably public-spirited group. Hamas activities should be contrasted with those of Jewish Zionist finance industry social networks that are responsible for the CDO meltdown: Blaming Jews for Financial Meltdown.

The military atrocities the IDF commits on Palestinians have an exact analogy in the economic atrocities that Jewish networks of trust throughout business and the government commit on all Americans.

We Americans have to start talking honestly about Jewish Zionist criminality and fraud here and abroad.

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October 23, 2009

I added many comments to UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL ENDORSES GOLDSTONE REPORT, but the following never appeared in the comment stream.

Nuremberg Law clearly criminalizes the territorial Judaization that Zionists have planned since the 19th century and that they have undertaken since the first war of Zionist aggression in 1947-8 . The Nuremberg indictment of the Nationalist Socialist Government charges (International Military Tribunal, vol. 1, p. 63):

In certain occupied territories purportedly annexed to Germany the defendants methodically and pursuant to plan endeavored to assimilate these territories politically, culturally, socially, and economically into the German Reich. They endeavored to obliterate the former national character of these territories. In pursuance of their plans, the defendants forcibly deported inhabitants who were predominantly non-German and replaced them by thousands of German colonists.

If State of Israel replaces Germany, Zionist State replaces German Reich, and Jewish replaces German, this count applies to Zionist goals from the start of the Zionist movement until the present day.

Certainly the Apartheid Wall is just another means of territorial Judaization, and in fact some of the proceedings of the Nuremberg Tribunal deal specifically with the sort of ghettoization/immurement experienced by Palestinian cities like Qalqilya.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Apartheid Wall is a Nuremberg class crime against humanity.

In response to:

Shirin says:

It is quite well understood that terrorism is defined generally as violence or threat of violence committed against civilians as a means of coercing political change. There is no international agreement on details. As for the official U.S. definition, I do not find it in the least confusing, nor is it surprising that it covers activities in which the U.S. government engages and supports. There is such a thing as terrorism committed by states, and the U.S. uses it quite freely.

I responded:

Joachim Martillo says:

What is violence?

Who is a civilian?

What is coercing?

Can the phraseology distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate political change?

I do not see how to differentiate terrorism under that definition from legitimate resistance under Nuremberg Law.

In addition the proper terminology is not civilian but protected non-combatant, which at least has something like a definition under International Law.

German colonists in the German Occupied Territories of Europe (including the Sudetenland which was annexed under international agreement) were not protected non-combatants. In addition the native German population of the Sudetenland was not a protected non-combatant population by material aid and conspiracy arguments.

The USA has problems with its own definition: .

The USA has yet to charge Posada Carriles with terrorism even though he blew up a civilian airliner. I think the only count that even mentions terrorism is “conspiracy to obstruct an investigation of terrorist plot.”

The US Treasury has added the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to the list of Specially Designated Terrorist Entities even though on a point by point comparison if the IRG is on the list, there is even more reason to put the IDF on the list.

The misuse of the list of SDTEs by Jewish Zionists in the US Government is to my mind the clearest example of a US CODE: Title 18,2384 violation in the history of the United States. Stuart Levey, Matthew Levitt, Jonathan Schanzer, David S. Cohen have all been carrying out the policy of the American Jewish Committee during their past or ongoing service in the Treasury Department. (The Rachel Ehrenfeld video is priceless.)

In response to:

Shirin says:

Joachim: In the case of the Apartheid Wall, the ICJ advised Israel is under an obligation to make reparation for all damage caused by the construction of the wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including in and around East Jerusalem”;

Shirin: that is old news. What is your point?


Just that the ICJ can impose (or advise penalties) on a whole nation and not just on individual government officials.

Reparations and penalties are two completely different things. I suggest you learn the difference.

In general you do not appear to understand the difference between prosecution, conviction, and punishment for war crimes, and an obligation to compensate (i.e. pay reparations) for damages. They are two entirely different things, and are not interchangeable.

I replied:

Joachim Martillo says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

The Apartheid Ruling of the ICJ imposed a fine. Because it was advisory and not binding the details were left up to the UN, but in those cases where the ICJ is making a binding decision, it can impose fines (either compensatory or exemplary). In theory the ICJ can declare a war to be licit. In theory the ICJ could authorize privateering against one or more nations in a state of belligerency. Belligerency vs. War is a somewhat confusing issue in International Law. During the Korean War, which was an international police action, the USA and the PRC were in a State of Belligerency even though both nations denied that they were at war.

In response to:

Shirin says:

Joachim, I am not impressed by your attempts to bedazzle with your erudition, particularly when it is so obvious that you are blowing smoke, and making extremely unsophisticated arguments that never once address the point. Never play smarter than you are in front of someone who actually might be.

I responded:

Joachim Martillo says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.


Maybe I am unsophisticated, but the issue does not seem particularly sophisticated to me.

I am merely stating that I was taught that the International Court of Justice has the power to impose punitive reparations.

I looked up some of the latest UN documents I could find on the issue from the UN International Law Commission and from the UN Commission on Human Rights.

These texts seem to agree with me.

You accuse me of blowing smoke. According to the dictionary that means you think I am attempting to deceive you. With regard to what do you think I am deceiving you?

I used to work for Bell Labs. Part of my job was to explain to lawyers various technologies that potentially came under the International Telecommunications Regime with regard to tariffing, common carriage or other issues. Management sent me to take classes so that I could understand the legal language and assist with (i.e. write) the legal documents.

I may have been nothing but a glorified paralegal in a sense, but someone had to do the job, and I had to understand both relevant issues of International Law and of telecommunications technology in detail.

The experience was useful. 25 years later I still do business in consulting for law firms on technology issues.

Anyway, I know two law professors that write on matters of International Law. They are Lama Abu-Odeh at Georgetown and Noah Feldman at Harvard. They do not agree on much.

[I list two papers by them in disagreement in the preface to [wvns] zionist’s plan for world depopulation. Feel free to read them through. They are writing on an interesting topic, and I was amused that Abu-Odeh for the most part agrees with the Henry Kissinger paper. Feldman and former Nuremberg Prosecutor Bejamin Ferencz argue for universal jurisdiction.]

I can ask Abu-Odeh and Feldman whether the International Court for Justice can impose punitive reparations in a binding decision, or you can propose your own alternative experts.

I also have to add that you still have not identified the law school that you attended.

At this point I have to suspect that Shirin is another trained Arab of the Hussein Ibish class.

In re: [Islam in Europe] Stockholm: Jews intimidated by strong Muslim presence

October 7, 2009

I commented on Stockholm: Jews intimidated by strong Muslim presence:

Comment 1

There is also the wee issue that the organ-harvesting charge might be true and that the IDF might actually be killing and stealing organs in order to make the occupation profitable.

My friend Mazin Qumsiyeh discusses a case where illegal organ snatching was disclosed: [Mazin Qumsiyeh] Israel admitted at least one case of Organ harvesting, Ramadan and more.

Norwegian Rabbis should not be worrying about defending the indefensible.

They should be taking a strong stand against Jewish criminality, which according to NJ US attorney Christie appears to include a NY-NJ based illegal black market trade in human organs.

Comment 2

Hey, I used to deal with some of those criminals — I have an office in NJ. One of my important clients was an anti-Cammarano leader in Hoboken.

I know exactly who the guys charged were. I am also not particularly fond of US attorney Christie, who in this case seems to have done a good job despite himself.

Syrian-American Jewish convicted felon Dwek — was tar baby initially for politicians corrupted by real estate interests. As the US attorney’s office investigated, they stumbled onto a Syrian American Jewish money laundering ring, which then led them to the NY-NJ ultraorthodox black market organ trading ring.

Cammarano and the other two Hoboken mayoral candidates were the control to prove that FBI wasn’t using psychological methods that would entrap anybody.

One candidate refused to meet with Dwek on principle. The second candidate told Dwek that he could contribute but that she would follow all the contribution reporting rules and that Dwek would get no special favors. Cammarano took the bait hook-line an sinker. He took the money, never reported it, and told Dwek, who was wired, that he would be Dwek’s best friend.

My hyperlink above linked to an IsraelNationalNews article describing a case of illegal organ harvesting in the context of IDF operations. As the article talks about thousands of warehoused organs, and there have not been enough Israeli soldiers killed to account for thousands of improperly removed organs, it does not take much to deduce whence the rest of the organs came.

The first link in my article: [Kawther.Salam] The Body Snatchers of Israel provides some damning circumstantial evidence.

This type of trade is not so new for ethnic Ashkenazim. In the 1830s there were large Jewish organized crime rings that snatched Jewish children for the Czarist draft.

Then later there were even larger Jewish white-slaving rings that started with snatching women recruited as wives for cantonists. Later the white slavers expanded to kidnapping impoverised Jewish and non-Jewish gals. In the late 19th and early 20th century these criminal gangs including the infamous Zwi Migdal dominated prostitution in E. Europe & Russia, South America (especially Argentina) and the NE USA. Jewish white-slaving made a big come-back in E. Europe with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Both Sholem Aleichem and Gary Steingart have written about Jewish involvement in white slaving. Gorlin’s film The Holy Land provides a somewhat whitewashed view of white slavery in the State of Israel.

As far as I am concerned, it is only a short step from kidnapping women to force them into prostitution to killing Palestinians for their organs.

Comment 3

I am not spamming your blog unless you really want it to be the hangout for a bunch of Islamophobic yahoos.

Anyway you ask:

But what does have to do with a Jew today saying he feels intimidated by Muslims? It doesn’t.

The article states:

The strong Muslim presence in Stockholm makes the Jewish community there apprehensive about taking a public stand against the recent article in the Aftonbladet tabloid reporting Palestinian claims that IDF soldiers stole body organs from Palestinians, Rabbi Isak Nachman, the spiritual leader of two Orthodox synagogues in the Swedish capital, said on Sunday.
Rabbi Isak Nachman.

I was trying to suggest that ethical Jews might first check out whether the Palestinian charges are true before harassing Aftonbladet.

If they are true, rather than ranting at a newspaper, maybe the organized Jewish community should take steps to halt the Jewish black-market organ trade.

I would not use the term community support in this context. I would prefer community enmeshment or embedding because the revenue from the black market organ trade seems in many cases to be supporting community activities like yeshivot or kolalim.

I know all about the Jewish trade in Slavs. It was part of the Martillo thesis for the construction of the Medieval World. I tried to unify Pirenne’s work on the Carolingians with Crone and Cook’s work on early Islam with mine on early medieval Jewish trade networks.

I also know about the Jewish reaction to the fonye. There was a lot of mutual misunderstanding.

The Czarist Empire was very different from the Polish Republic. While Nicholas I disdained Jews, he did not hate them and he thought he was doing them a favor by drafting them because he considered military service healthy for body and soul.

Polish peasants who had not been subjected to the draft in the Polish Republic has more or the same reaction to the draft as Jews.

My argument does not consist of the assertion that Muslims are bad but Jews are worse.

I try to elucidate the Muslim experience with modernity by comparison with the Jewish experience with modernity because both Muslims and Jews approach modernity from communities historically governed by similar sacred law based religious systems.

You can’t get around it. Isaac Breuer is very similar to Tariq Ramadan.

But when I make this comparison, I must for honesty sake point out the context of Islamophobic incitement associated with Zionist propaganda and the Israel Lobby because Zionists are using their influence in the media to create conditions that Jews did not face during 19th century Eastern European modernization.

I have studied legal anthropology at Hebrew University. The legal category of dhimmi vanishes from the Ottoman Empire in 1839. Muslim-non-Muslim relations after that are complex, but they do not compare unfavorably with Christian-non-Christian relations throughout Europe after 1839.

You reference to dhimmis in this context indicates a Zionist propaganda enmeshment that tends to negate the positive value of your blog. You should learn more about the Ottoman legal system before casually disrespecting it. I can give you names of people with whom it might be worth studying at Hebrew University if you are so inclined.

Your Pavlovian reaction to conspiracy theories is also harmful to your blog. Conspiracies are real historically and currently — especially in E. Europe and in the Ottoman Empire.

Conspiracies are an important subject for political economic study.

In contrast, conspiracy theories generally describe a magical realm outside of reality. They should be studied anthropologically, sociologically, and psychologically for what they tell us about the people who believe them and about the societies where they are prevalent.

Comment 4

How does one know a Zionist is lying? He is breathing: Collection: Chief Zionist Frauds, Globe Reports Israel Twists History.

That said, the article on covert Israeli organ harvesting came not from Mazin but from IsraelNatioinalNews.

Le Pen supports Zionism. Marine tried to make the ritual visit to Yad Vashem to swear fealty.

In re: [Islam in Europe] Netherlands: Police announces daycare center murder suspect

October 7, 2009

I commented on Netherlands: Police announces daycare center murder suspect:

“When someone is killed with a knife … in Europe, one can be sure the murderer is a Turk, just like the recent horrible murder in Germany.”

Yeah right! Just like the case of Marwa al-Sherbini: Weeks Later, Hijab Martyr Reported.

I am intrigued that Mujde’s story seems to have been reported in the UK within hours, but Marwa’s story took 3 days to travel to the UK and more than a month to travel to the US.

BTW, Marie-Luise, you are quite a piece of work. Are you nursing anger because your mom was in the BdM and a Lebensborn volunteer?

In Re: [Islam in Europe] Switzerland: Basketball association bans headscarf

October 7, 2009

I commented on Switzerland: Basketball association bans headscarf:

Comment 1

The Boston Globe article Covered in Glory profiles hijab-wearing Bilqis Abdul-Qaader, who is one of the best Massachusetts high-school basket players.

The article contains pictures of her while she is wearing a sport-hijab.

There does not appear to be a safety issue.

In fact, long unrestrained hair in a pig or pony tail looks like a great way to poke someone in the eye.

I have to wonder how the Swiss basketball association would treat an Orthodox Jewish basketball player that wants to wear a kippah (skull cap).

Comment 2

Obviously you have never visited Israel.

And I have to point out that kippas and sports are hardly unusual in the USA.

My prep school used to play the local high school yeshiva (Jewish madrasa) in basketball. All the yeshiva players clipped on kippot, which unlike Bilqis’ headgear were a problem if they fell off and caused a player to slide.