In re: [Islam in Europe] Stockholm: Jews intimidated by strong Muslim presence

I commented on Stockholm: Jews intimidated by strong Muslim presence:

Comment 1

There is also the wee issue that the organ-harvesting charge might be true and that the IDF might actually be killing and stealing organs in order to make the occupation profitable.

My friend Mazin Qumsiyeh discusses a case where illegal organ snatching was disclosed: [Mazin Qumsiyeh] Israel admitted at least one case of Organ harvesting, Ramadan and more.

Norwegian Rabbis should not be worrying about defending the indefensible.

They should be taking a strong stand against Jewish criminality, which according to NJ US attorney Christie appears to include a NY-NJ based illegal black market trade in human organs.

Comment 2

Hey, I used to deal with some of those criminals — I have an office in NJ. One of my important clients was an anti-Cammarano leader in Hoboken.

I know exactly who the guys charged were. I am also not particularly fond of US attorney Christie, who in this case seems to have done a good job despite himself.

Syrian-American Jewish convicted felon Dwek — was tar baby initially for politicians corrupted by real estate interests. As the US attorney’s office investigated, they stumbled onto a Syrian American Jewish money laundering ring, which then led them to the NY-NJ ultraorthodox black market organ trading ring.

Cammarano and the other two Hoboken mayoral candidates were the control to prove that FBI wasn’t using psychological methods that would entrap anybody.

One candidate refused to meet with Dwek on principle. The second candidate told Dwek that he could contribute but that she would follow all the contribution reporting rules and that Dwek would get no special favors. Cammarano took the bait hook-line an sinker. He took the money, never reported it, and told Dwek, who was wired, that he would be Dwek’s best friend.

My hyperlink above linked to an IsraelNationalNews article describing a case of illegal organ harvesting in the context of IDF operations. As the article talks about thousands of warehoused organs, and there have not been enough Israeli soldiers killed to account for thousands of improperly removed organs, it does not take much to deduce whence the rest of the organs came.

The first link in my article: [Kawther.Salam] The Body Snatchers of Israel provides some damning circumstantial evidence.

This type of trade is not so new for ethnic Ashkenazim. In the 1830s there were large Jewish organized crime rings that snatched Jewish children for the Czarist draft.

Then later there were even larger Jewish white-slaving rings that started with snatching women recruited as wives for cantonists. Later the white slavers expanded to kidnapping impoverised Jewish and non-Jewish gals. In the late 19th and early 20th century these criminal gangs including the infamous Zwi Migdal dominated prostitution in E. Europe & Russia, South America (especially Argentina) and the NE USA. Jewish white-slaving made a big come-back in E. Europe with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Both Sholem Aleichem and Gary Steingart have written about Jewish involvement in white slaving. Gorlin’s film The Holy Land provides a somewhat whitewashed view of white slavery in the State of Israel.

As far as I am concerned, it is only a short step from kidnapping women to force them into prostitution to killing Palestinians for their organs.

Comment 3

I am not spamming your blog unless you really want it to be the hangout for a bunch of Islamophobic yahoos.

Anyway you ask:

But what does have to do with a Jew today saying he feels intimidated by Muslims? It doesn’t.

The article states:

The strong Muslim presence in Stockholm makes the Jewish community there apprehensive about taking a public stand against the recent article in the Aftonbladet tabloid reporting Palestinian claims that IDF soldiers stole body organs from Palestinians, Rabbi Isak Nachman, the spiritual leader of two Orthodox synagogues in the Swedish capital, said on Sunday.
Rabbi Isak Nachman.

I was trying to suggest that ethical Jews might first check out whether the Palestinian charges are true before harassing Aftonbladet.

If they are true, rather than ranting at a newspaper, maybe the organized Jewish community should take steps to halt the Jewish black-market organ trade.

I would not use the term community support in this context. I would prefer community enmeshment or embedding because the revenue from the black market organ trade seems in many cases to be supporting community activities like yeshivot or kolalim.

I know all about the Jewish trade in Slavs. It was part of the Martillo thesis for the construction of the Medieval World. I tried to unify Pirenne’s work on the Carolingians with Crone and Cook’s work on early Islam with mine on early medieval Jewish trade networks.

I also know about the Jewish reaction to the fonye. There was a lot of mutual misunderstanding.

The Czarist Empire was very different from the Polish Republic. While Nicholas I disdained Jews, he did not hate them and he thought he was doing them a favor by drafting them because he considered military service healthy for body and soul.

Polish peasants who had not been subjected to the draft in the Polish Republic has more or the same reaction to the draft as Jews.

My argument does not consist of the assertion that Muslims are bad but Jews are worse.

I try to elucidate the Muslim experience with modernity by comparison with the Jewish experience with modernity because both Muslims and Jews approach modernity from communities historically governed by similar sacred law based religious systems.

You can’t get around it. Isaac Breuer is very similar to Tariq Ramadan.

But when I make this comparison, I must for honesty sake point out the context of Islamophobic incitement associated with Zionist propaganda and the Israel Lobby because Zionists are using their influence in the media to create conditions that Jews did not face during 19th century Eastern European modernization.

I have studied legal anthropology at Hebrew University. The legal category of dhimmi vanishes from the Ottoman Empire in 1839. Muslim-non-Muslim relations after that are complex, but they do not compare unfavorably with Christian-non-Christian relations throughout Europe after 1839.

You reference to dhimmis in this context indicates a Zionist propaganda enmeshment that tends to negate the positive value of your blog. You should learn more about the Ottoman legal system before casually disrespecting it. I can give you names of people with whom it might be worth studying at Hebrew University if you are so inclined.

Your Pavlovian reaction to conspiracy theories is also harmful to your blog. Conspiracies are real historically and currently — especially in E. Europe and in the Ottoman Empire.

Conspiracies are an important subject for political economic study.

In contrast, conspiracy theories generally describe a magical realm outside of reality. They should be studied anthropologically, sociologically, and psychologically for what they tell us about the people who believe them and about the societies where they are prevalent.

Comment 4

How does one know a Zionist is lying? He is breathing: Collection: Chief Zionist Frauds, Globe Reports Israel Twists History.

That said, the article on covert Israeli organ harvesting came not from Mazin but from IsraelNatioinalNews.

Le Pen supports Zionism. Marine tried to make the ritual visit to Yad Vashem to swear fealty.


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