In Re: [Islam in Europe] Switzerland: Basketball association bans headscarf

I commented on Switzerland: Basketball association bans headscarf:

Comment 1

The Boston Globe article Covered in Glory profiles hijab-wearing Bilqis Abdul-Qaader, who is one of the best Massachusetts high-school basket players.

The article contains pictures of her while she is wearing a sport-hijab.

There does not appear to be a safety issue.

In fact, long unrestrained hair in a pig or pony tail looks like a great way to poke someone in the eye.

I have to wonder how the Swiss basketball association would treat an Orthodox Jewish basketball player that wants to wear a kippah (skull cap).

Comment 2

Obviously you have never visited Israel.

And I have to point out that kippas and sports are hardly unusual in the USA.

My prep school used to play the local high school yeshiva (Jewish madrasa) in basketball. All the yeshiva players clipped on kippot, which unlike Bilqis’ headgear were a problem if they fell off and caused a player to slide.


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